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Optimal Performance and Recovery

Improve your mind and body. Transform the way you move. 

Intelligent exercises, Pilates, myofascial release, progressive muscle relaxation as well as some lifestyle hacks and a nutrition plan…

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Watch Entire 12 Minute Golf Pre Game Warm Up

Pre Game Warm Up

These stretches will get you ready for your first tee. We will work on loosening all major tight muscles. This will help you to get into a better golf stance and increase your range of motion.

Transform the way you move!

And improve your performance.

Human Body is my Passion!

... My main specialty is Pilates and Exercise Physiology for rotational sports. And over the last 8 years I have helped many golfers and tennis players to perform better.
My strength and unique approach is combining different modalities to improve peoples performance, well-being and overall life. I use Pilates, Exercise physiology, Myofascial release, mindfulness as well as nutrient dense balanced diet and healthy lifestyle changes to achieve the best results for my clients...

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What is your problematic area?

Be Your Own Champion!

We are all unique and we all have our own imbalances and weaknesses. Let me help you create your own Exercise and Nutrition regime that makes you perform at your Best!

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Optimise Performance And Recovery Program

Whatever your sport, this program will help get you in your best shape.

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…Yulika’s ability to motivate and encourage is outstanding.
She has a capacity to teach in a fun and enjoyable way.
I am a very keen amateur golfer and the increase in my core strength and flexibility has been very beneficial to my game. She’s great!

Lance, Sydney

Glen, Sydney

Yulika will push you hard when necessary, but is also able to match the stage you are at to the workout. Very happy to recommend her ! … There is no doubt that I have got stronger. My flexibility has also improved beyond what I thought was possible.
I thought I was very fit and active, however I was surprised how weak were my deep core muscles. Not anymore! Diet and rest also were a big part of my successful program with Yulika.
Yulika helped me with my lower back stiffness, my weekly Pilates sessions were very helpful by increasing my flexibility and that led to a much stronger, smoother golf swing AND with Yulika's help I was hitting my drives often 20-30 metres longer.

Ron, Melbourne

...Yulika has developed great rapport with our members, and has a good following for her regular classes.
Yulika also assisted in training our Golf Major Pennants Squad, and we received great feedback from them regarding her programs...

Royal Sydney Golf Club

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